New address… or two.

Actually, I have two new addresses…

The first is for this website – I’ve dropped the wordpress in the middle of the name like an bad ex-husband.

So for now on, all you have to type is lynncahoon.com to get here and find out what’s new in Lynn’s life.


The other new address is for the cabin. Casa Cahoon has expanded to a lot on a lake in Central Missouri. We’re still talking about a name. The Cowboy wants to call it Dodge City in honor of his truck. I like the simplicity of The Cabin.

This is the lake -



And this is my view from my writing table -


camera shots 092614 300#Nanowrimo Why do you write?.

I’m not doing Nanowrimo this year – even though it has a terrific t-shirt – but I love Bob Mayer’s WRITE IT FORWARD book. If you’re unsure how to build your author career, he’s written THE book on the subject.

And if you want to play with Nano… he’s got a survival kit for sale, just for you.

Back from Magna and back to work today. It’s Halloween week so I’m sure there will be lots to get done before we start playing.

Breaking News….

Breaking news….

I spent some quality time at Lit in the Lou on Saturday October 11th. Including time with a celebrity character…IMG_20141011_105229_072


I was there with MoRWA (Missouri Romance Writers of America)

IMG_20141011_105255_986 (1)


What did you do this weekend?

Halloween Scavenger Hunt


Welcome to our Halloween Scavenger Hunt!!!!

How this works. You have until October 23rd to go to each of these authors websites and hunt down where they’ve hidden their Halloween graphics (courtesy of Google) . Don’t forget to look for mine hidden somewhere on my site! Use the link HERE and type in your answers to enter to win. Each site you visit and provide the right answer equals one entry. We have an exciting list of prizes including lots of fun books!

The list of prizes and the dates they will be given away is here.  

Here’s the IMPORTANT part — once you’ve filled in your answers, you must email the document to sloanmcbride@gmail.com.  She’s going to review the answers and will enter the names into the Rafflecopter so…  

Good luck, and happy scavenging!!!!!  

Below is a list of participating authors. Feel free to click through from here and carry on your search.

And don’t forget the IMPORTANT part — once you’ve filled in all your answers, please email your document to Sloan McBride at sloanmcbride@gmail.com.

And if you haven’t checked out Bake, Love, Write, now’s your chance! 105 authors, their favorite desserts and lots of advice about love and writing.

bake, love, write: 105 aurhots share dessert recipes


Jessa Slade  http://jessaslade.wordpress.com/

Kathryn Jane  http://kathrynjane.com/

Sloan McBride http://www.sloanmcbride.com/

M.L. Guida  http://www.mlguida.com/

Lois Winston  http://www.loiswinston.com/

Skye Taylor  http://www.skye-writer.com/blogging_at_the_beach

Cathryn Cade http://www.cathryncade.com/

Victoria Adams  http://victoriaadams.blogspot.com/

Sharleen Scott  http://www.sharleenscott.com/

Erin Farwell  http://erinfarwell.com/

Kathleen Kaska  http://www.kathleenkaska.com/

Daryl Devore    http://myeroticnotions.blogspot.com/

Chantilly White        http://authorchantillywhite.blogspot.com/

Cynthia Luhrs    http://cluhrs.com/

Ayers http://ayersbooks.wordpress.com/

Molly MacRae    http://www.mollymacrae.com/

Jessica Aspen    http://jessicaaspen.com/

L.C. Giroux    http://www.lcgiroux.com/

Stacy Juba    http://stacyjuba.com/blog/

B.V. Lawson    http://inreferencetomurder.typepad.com/

Ruby Merritt    http://www.rubymerrittauthor.com/

Kay Manis        http://kaymanis.com/index.html

Ashlyn Chase    http://www.ashlynchase.com/index.html

Barbara Phinney    http://barbphinney.blogspot.ca/

Alicia M. Dean    http://aliciadean.com/

Haley Whitehall        http://haleywhitehall.com/

Melinda Curtis    http://www.melindacurtis.net/

Elizabeth Rose    http://elizabethrosenovels.com/

Terry Shames    http://www.terryshames.com/

Shelia Seabrook    http://sheilaseabrook.com/

Lynn Cahoon    http://lynncahoon.wordpress.com/

Debra Goldstein    http://www.debrahgoldstein.com/

Brenda Novak    http://www.brendanovak.com/

Caridad Pineiro        http://www.caridad.com/

Renee Field    http://reneefield.blogspot.ca/

And I’ve got books, books and more books.

So, it’s time for a giveaway.

Comment below before midnight on October 14th 2014 and I’ll draw one random name for your choice of print copy of one of the Tourist Trap books – Guidebook to Murder or Mission to Murder.

Guidebook to Murder2 (eBook)

Mission To Murder (eBook)













Or, I have an audio copy of Guidebook. audio

I have one question – How do you celebrate your birthday?

Kensington’s doing it again… This time they have Mission to Murder on the Goodreads giveaway – check it out. Giveaway ends October 7th…. (which I think really means October 6th at midnight.)

Click here!

In the California coastal town of South Cove, history is one of its many tourist attractions, until it becomes deadly. Jill Gardner, proprietor of Coffee, Books, and More, has discovered that the old stone wall on her property might be a centuries-old mission worthy of being declared a landmark. But Craig Thomas, the obnoxious owner of South Cove’s most popular tourist spot, The Castle, makes it his business to contest her claim. When Thomas is found murdered at The Castle shortly after a heated argument with Jill, even her detective boyfriend has to ask her for an alibi. Jill decides she must find the real murderer to clear her name. But when the killer comes for her, she’ll need to jump from historic preservation to self-preservation. Mission To Murder (eBook)

Proof of life…

One of my dart friends in Idaho babysat his granddaughter this last week while mom and dad headed out for an anniversary road trip. SANY0273

The first day, the picture showed Gramps and toddler reading a book together, then a second picture came on Facebook with her reading the daily paper.

The next day, the paper was in front of Gramps and toddler. Gramps looked a little weary.

The third day, we got a paper and Gramps, but no toddler.

I was concerned that maybe the baby had taken over the house, but my friend clarified that the package and the dvd copy of Frozen had been safely transferred to the other set of grandparents.

I haven’t seen any posts from that cell, probably because they don’t have the same sense of humor as my friend.


What does this all have to do with Lynn?  This post is my proof of life. I hit send on book number 4 of the Tourist Trap series yesterday. Title? Dressed to Kill. And yes, we’re adding a new shop to South Cove’s main street. I love how the cover artist is building my fictional town, one shop at a time. I can’t wait to see what Vintage Dud’s will look like.  But since I don’t have my new cover (yet.) I thought I’d show you the three I do have. And add in a bonus cover for the audio book that just released.

Here’s the South Cove Main Street – GUIDEBOOK; MISSION; and releasing November 10th -IF THE SHOE KILLS.


Here’s the audio cover for GUIDEBOOK – released September 22nd.



Which one do you like better?


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